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PhilClassifieds is the Philippines #1 Classifieds website for Real Estate Rentals and Sales, Autos & Boats Rentals & Sales, Buy & Sell Items, Jobs

We are a locally driven classiofied website who's goal is to:

- Inspire and uplift our people to become tomorrow's entreprenuers by giving them an avenue to promote and sell their products and services

- Help local businesses gain access to new and old customers by reaching them where they browse online.

- Give back to the communities in which we serve by giving back 10% of our profits annually to local charities

Why is PhilClassifieds different?

1. Local quality support - PhilClassifieds is for all intense and purpose a local business unlike many foreign derived online classfieds.
2. Pricing - Is 100% free for posting listings. NO funny money and NO commissions on sales. We charge only for featuring ads and bumping them up.
3. Marketing - We use a wide array of marketing for our site to attract different audiences. You are probably going to see 1 or more of our targeted ads as you browse Facebook, Youtube and other social media sites. Some of our ads will target ordinary locals while some ads, like our real estate will target not only people here in the Philippines but people in places like the USA, UK, EU and Caribbean for investment purposes. Our Jobs ads will look inward and outward. Looking for a job locally? We got you. Looking to work overseas? We got you there also.
4. Giving Back - At Philclassifieds we realise not everyone eats the way they should or has all the things they need. We have committed 10% of our net profit to help where we can with local charities, events, the government. Whereever there is a need we will strive to be.
5. We listen - Unlike many other classifieds we view our viewers as people looking to achieve some end by visiting our site. If at anytime you see a way we can do a better job, then by all means email us at info@philclassifieds.com and we will get back to you.

So where do we go from here?

1. Registration - Click on the little guy in the top right of our screen and sign up. Chose the type of account that best describes you
         - Sellers - This is if all you are doing is selling items.
         - Buyers - This is solely for people looking to buy stuff.
         - Real Estate Owner or Agent - This is for selling of Real Estate
         - Advertiser - This is for people who are not looking to post listings but advertise
                                 on the site.
         - Auto Dealer - This is for selling any form of motor vehicle.
         - Recruitment Agency - This is for putting up job listings.
         - Owners & HR Managers - These post job ads also.

2. Next Step
  • Post an Ad - If you are looking to post up a listing go here.
  • Put up an advertisement - Go to your admin portal and select My Banners
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