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Why advertise with PhilClassifieds?

Local - We are locally driven and locally focused. We are here toPeople of the Philippines create the absolute best product available for our users.We don't operate as the Philippines is simply a leg in our business but simnply the reason we exist.
Pricing - Our prices are the lowest in the market to allow locals and businesses alike to grow and prosper. No commission or any fancy currency to worry about.
Listen - As a local business we listen to our users to ensure we are putting forwarsd the best product possible. Email us at with subject "Idea" and someone will answer you within 48hrs.
Giving Back - We will set aside a minimum of 10% of our profits to inject back into the Philippines. We will work hand in hand with local charities to ensure as many people as we can are helped. As a local business it is our DUTY to give back.

How do you go about advertising on

1. Register an account as an advertiser.
2. Create your advertising or contact us so we can have one of over designers work on this for you.
3. Select my banners from your portal.
4. Select Add a banner
5. Select the desired Packager you would like
6. Select Next
7. Type in the name you would like for your banner (ie Christmas Honda Sale 2021)
8. Select Banner Type (Image or HTML)
9. Type in the link you would like people to go to when clicking on your banner
10. Click on Next
11. Click on the banner spot and uopload your ad
12. Click Next
13. PhilClassifieds uses Paypal as its means of payment. Click Next again.

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